Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options for downloading a full recording?

Update 5/2006: Please note that due to a major system transition, many items' ZIP files (for their "Lossless" links) have been deliberately disabled for the time being. Engineers are still working on the best method for the new system.

Lossless: A ZIP file containing Shorten files or Flac files. Unlike formats like MP3, lossless formats are true to the original - there is no degradation in quality.

Hi-Fi: A ZIP file containing MP3 files encoded with a variable bit rate to deliver high quality at roughly 160kilobits per second.

Lo-Fi: A ZIP file containing MP3 files encoded at a constant bit rate of 64 kilobits per second. These files are ideal for users with slower Internet connections.

Other Web Options: All files are displayed as individual links on any item's details page. Web-based download managers can be set up to download all the files you want from the page, as a group. For Firefox, the extension DownThemAll is a popular option.

BitTorrent: Some Items that are downloadable via HTTP are also downloadable via a BitTorrent client; these items show a 'Torrent' link next to the 'HTTP' download link. (To trigger creation of a BitTorrent file for an item in the LMA that does not yet have one, write a review for it, e.g. "Make me a Torrent!"). Note: only items downloadable via HTTP can be downloaded via BitTorrent.

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